The Azimut 60 | It’s all about technology

The Azimut 60 | It’s all about technology

On display and for sale at D’Albora Rushcutters Bay Marina

The worlds leading luxury boat builder Azimut Benetti has packed a huge amount into this new generation flybridge. But what’s most impressive is the technology, design and innovation. 

Carbon – the substantial but less obvious technology is the extensive use of carbon fibre in the upper sections of the boat. Carbon fibre is light, strong and has advanced heat properties. The carbon fibre makes the top of the boat lighter lowering the centre of gravity and improving performance and seakeeping, roll and movement at anchor. At the same time, Azimut have been able to make this flybridge comparatively larger without adding too much extra weight or need for overburdening structure. The space on the bridge is huge. The final benefit with carbon is the advanced heat properties. Top sections of the boat that tend to deteriorate quicker because of heat, are less prone on the 60. 

Fibreglass technology – Azimut use a vacuum infusion process on up to 90% of the fibreglass structure in the boat as well as a vynilester resin application to the hull skin to improve the surface integrity exposed to weathering.  These two innovations make for a more consistent appearance of the external surfaces and properties that reduce surface deterioration over time. Contributing further to fibreglass quality is Azimut’s use of ultrasonic and thermostatic testing, material testing and compliance and wavescan testing technology that checks the aesthetic finishing and surface consistency.

Noise and vibration reduction – a key factor for any owner or operator is noise and vibration.  Azimut use not one but two types of sound proofing materials and acoustic insulators as well as main engine vibration dampeners.

Stabilisation – this 60 is fitted with a Seakeeper zero speed gyroscopic stabiliser that will work at anchor or underway.  Also fitted are automatic interceptors that assist in countering a prevailing sea state and levelling the boat at all speeds. You can adjust the sensitivity using the toggle wheel on the control. All this together makes for a very stable boat no matter how you are boating. 

Ease of operation – equipped with diesel shafts engine and bow and stern thrusters, the boat is really quite easy to manoeuvre. All that said, what is most impressive is the recent upgrades Volvo have made to their manoeuvring and control system. Now, thruster are fully integrated into the Volvo joystick and the autopilot now runs through the Volvo engine and steering system, meaning it is now truly integrated within the primary mechanical system – Volvo. 

Vessel management and navigation – over the years many boats have run separate navigation and vessel management and monitoring systems. The 60 Azimut is running a single Raymarine system. The system allows complete monitoring, all your usual navigation features, the ability to activate most systems such as tanks, air conditioning units and bilge pumps, and now even connect to your wifi and activate Spotify for example. The bonus of course with Raymarine is easy of repair and service with an expansive Australia authorised service network.  

D’ALBORA is the exclusive dealer for Azimut in Australia. The new Azimut 60 Flybridge is now on display and for sale at Rushcutters Bay Marina. To book your appointment please email

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